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Marea Set

Marea Set


$79.99 NZD

Marea Set

The Mares Marea Snorkeling Set is an adult mask and snorkel set consisting of the low profile and lightweight Marea mask and a mid range snorkel with wave deflector and purge valve.
The Mares Marea mask is a full sized adult mask with twin lens and framed design. The shape of the lens and the raked skirt angle provide a wide field of view in a excellent value for money mask. The skirt is made from 100% soft silicone for a comfortable and effective seal against the skin. The strap buckles are joined directly to the skirt to offer increased comfort and flexibility. A simple pinch release allows the mask strap to be loosened.
The snorkel is fitted with a wave deflector and a purge chamber for convenience and comfort. The wave deflector is designed to direct an water that splashes over the top of the snorkel away from the snorkel tube. A sliding mask strap retainer allows the height of the snorkel to be customised for a better fit to the mouth. The bottom section contains the purge chamber and one way valve that allows any water that does flow into the snorkel to be collected and drained out of the valve. The mouthpiece is a 100% silicone to ensure comfortable use.