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Catch 290

Catch 290


$1,049.00 NZD

The Catch 290 is an ideal entry level fishing kayak for those wanting a recreational boat that can be used for fishing as well.

Evolved from the popular Flow kayak this fishing kayak is great for paddling through surf as well as a fantastic boat for kids to learn to paddle on but will also be well utilised by the entire family.

The Catch 290 features plenty of storage options including a front 5’ hatch (including a mesh bag) as well as a centre 6” hatch and rear tankwell. A handy moulded in rod park between your legs as well as two convenient hands free paddle parks make life that much easier when dealing to a fish.

Also fitted as standard on the Catch 290 there is a front mounted adjustable Railblaza rod holder, rear sideport, anchor running line and internal mounting plates for those wanting to fit a fish finder.

The surf ski style nature of the hull design makes it easier to get in and out through the waves and paddles easily so you don’t tire as quickly. A must have for all families that will soon become the favourite toy for the entire family this summer.