Dive Zone - Whitianga

10 Campbell St, Whitianga,3510
Catch 390

Catch 390


$1,779.00 NZD

 Everthing you need to start Fishing:

Comfort, Stability, Safety, lots of storage and fishing hardware. Experts will appreciate the surf-ski style front deck, front bulkhead, internal fish-finder mounts and the option for customising. The Catch 390s customised rudder system make steering a cinch from the get-go.

Theres a place for everything and all withing arms reach. You can turn around, fish sideways, manage anchors and nets - all due to the stable hull design that makes an easy to use fishing platform.

This design also makes it easier to get out through waves and paddles easily so you dont tire as quickly.  The Catch 390 is also a fantastic Dive platform due to its large deck space and storage - room to carry 2 tanks.