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Action Bundle

Action Bundle


$129.90 NZD

SP Action Bundle

Action Bundle consists of a small case (black) & 19" POV Pole.

Case - solid and compact zip-up case keeps your action cam equipment perfectly organized and securely protected in any situation and at any given time. Using the pre-moulded interior you can comfortably stash away your cam and all its accessories such as LCD BacPac, Wifi Bac Pac, Battery, Floaty, SD Cards and cables. The SP POV Case hence not only allows you quick and easy access to all your equipment but also keeps it safe and sound from any potential outside dangers.

POV Pole 19" - The 19" P.O.V. Pole is a telescoping pole mount for GoPro HERO action cameras. It features a twist-locking design and extends from 7 to 19". A three-prong mount allows it to attach to most GoPro HERO housings.