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Mares Paua Package

Mares Paua Package


$499.99 NZD

Mares Paua Package

New from Mares comes the Paua Diver Package. Valued at over $600.00, this package contains everything you need for all those hunter/ gatherers out there to get started in the water.

Package includes:

Phantom 5mm Wetsuit $199.99
Wave Open Heeled Fins: Blk, Whit,Blu,Yel $199.99
Marlin Mask & Snorkel set $99.99
Weight Belt $29.99
Classic 5mm Zipped Dive Boots $49.99
Amara Leather/Neoprene gloves $45.99

* Colours are subject to availability

* Please select size when purchasing. 

Phantom 5mm Wetsuit

Wave Open Heeled Fins

Classic 5mm Dive Boot

Amara Glove