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Mares Phantom Spearo Package

Mares Phantom Spearo Package


$699.99 NZD

Mares Phantom Spearo Package

The Mares Phantom Spearo Package is perfect for all levels of experience, and contains everything you need to get out in the water this season! Valued at over $800.00, it is not only great value, but exceptional quality as well!

Package includes:

Phantom 5mm Wetsuit - Camo $229.99
Instinct Pro Fins $189.99
Tana Mask & Snorkel Combo $99.99
Weight Belt $39.99
Classic 3mm Socks $34.99
Amara Leather/Neoprene Gloves $45.99
Bandit 95cm Sling Gun  - Rigged $199.99
Torpedo Buoy - Inflatable $39.99

The Mares Bandit 95cm is a fantasic entry level speargun with all the features usually found on the top level guns. This sling gun is characterised by its level of features all included for an entry level price. Australasian rigging, including Dyneema bridle, tricut 7mm finned spearshaft, sharkclip on handle, line bungee. Also features dual sling closed muzzel, extended loading plate and over-molded comfort handle.

The Mares Phantom 5mm Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit is a one piece steamer with a pre-formed cut for better fitting and flexibility.

Instinct Pro Fins The tapered-section blade and micro-ribs, achieve optimal results in both power and thrust modularity, optimizing performance. The tapered lateral ribs make the blade flex progressively, creating a water channeling effect that is the true driving force behind the fin. The pronounced “V” shape of the end of the fin prevents any risk of lateral slippage.
The foot pocket mantains complete comfort and secure fit for the foot, while delivering even more power to the blade.

Mares Socks and Gloves provide extra comfort and warmth and protection from the elements.

All you need now is the fish!

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Phantom 5mm Camo Wetsuit

Instinct Pro Fins

Classic 5mm Socks

Amara Gloves