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X-VU Liquidskin

X-VU Liquidskin


$129.99 NZD

X-VU Liquidskin

  • Moderate Internal Volume
  • Patented cushioning system on the mask skirt - Increasing comfort at depth
  • Wide field of vision especially in the downward direction
  • Low profile buckles positioned on the skirt
  • Optical Lenses available

The X-VU Liquidskin mask uses Liquidskin technology designed after the X-vision. Beyond the natural comfort provided by Liquidskin skirt, an additional soft silicone part is injected in the nose area acting like an anti-shock bumper. Use the easy 2-button side buckles for adjusting.

For added comfort the X-VU uses Tri-Comfort Technology a softer material molded to the frame in the area of the forehead and nose. This soft material provides superior comfort during frequent or long dives. By attaching the buckles to the skirt masks have superior hydrodynamics because the strap fits closer to the head, making this a low volume mask, in addition the tension exerted by the strap acts on the skirt and not directly on the frame reducing the pressure of the frame against the face. This low volume light weight mask has a skirt with a double feathered edge for an improved seal, easy to squeeze nose well allows one handed equalization, tempered glass lenses and quick adjusting buckles.