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Harrison Float Boat

Harrison Float Boat


$349.00 NZD

Harrison Float Boat - New Model!

Designed and manufactured here in New Zealand, The Harrison Tri Hull is the latest version in the Harrison float boat range. This V3 model has the biggest volume of all the Harrison float boats but still retaining the same length.

Stability and ease of towing have been the main design changes in this new model. Designed to tow straight, and pull easily through the water, reducing your energy expenditure in the water.The new Tri hull provides everything a diver needs for a general days diving. The Harrison float boat will fit just about any species-except kingfish, it will fit a snapper up to 8kg. 


  • Comes in " Emergency Orange" for high visibility while on the water.
  • Carry Handle at rear for easy transport
  • Made from durable, high density polyethelene (the same as mussell floats), 316 stainless screws, and marine hinges.
  • Includes Flag made of Oxford Nylon to prevent rotting on fibreglass pole and spliced braided shark clip for attaching your float line onto.


820mm x 380mm x 220mm