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Len Jones Guide to Spearfishing

Len Jones Guide to Spearfishing


$15.00 NZD

Guide to Spearfishing - By Len Jones

The long awaited update of this popular guide. Aimed at the beginner but with enough advanced techniques to also be of interest to the experienced. The New Zealand edition refers to local conditions and fish species.

Sections include: equipment, diving and hunting techniques, diving situations, medical, fish id/characteristics, useful contacts.

Based on hard won experiences Len has encapsulated what he learnt the hard way into an easy to read manual that will give a short-cut to successful spearfishing. Helping the beginner to overcome many difficulties and providing some useful advice that should benefit even the more experienced spearo.

Soft cover, 48 pages, Black&White with colour sections, 15×21.

About the Author: Len Jones has been spearfishing since 1962 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject. In his spearfishing career he was the South African Champion prior to representing South Africa at the World Spearfishing Championships in Cuba. He held numerous South African spearfishing records, some of which still stand today.