Dive Zone - Whitianga

10 Campbell St, Whitianga,3510

PADI Discover Local Diving


The aim of Discover Local Diving is to give certified divers an introduction to unfamiliar dive sites or aquatic conditions. It can also be used to re-familiarize divers to the open water environment after a period of diving inactivity.  Discover Local Diving is an underwater guided tour which provides divers with a fun, safe, supervised Open Water experience.  Upon completion of the Discover Local Diving you will receive a recognition stamp for your log book.



  • Complete SCUBA Unit including alternate air source & gauges
  • Computer or timing device
  • PADI RDP tables
  • Dive Knife
  • Mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, wetsuit or dry suit
  • Safety sausage
  • Weight belt/weights
  • Compass
  • Log Book

Course Content

Discover Local Diving involves an area overview and briefing on local conditions, hazards and points of interest as well as any special procedures or techniques relevant to the area. The dive itself is led by a PADI professional member, who will show you many points of interest. The guided tour is then followed by a thorough debriefing.