Dive Zone - Tauranga

National Certificate In Diving (Leadership)


Part-Time National Certificate in Diving (Leadership) Program

This part-time course runs from 9 July 2016 until 27 November 2016, studying towards PADI’s first professional certification level … PADI Divemaster.

…but what exactly does that mean? 

The training you will receive on this programme continues your PADI education to a level where you will be qualified to assist with student divers under the guidance of a PADI Instructor, & be able to teach a number of courses independently. 


Prior to the commencement of the course, students need to:

  • be a certified PADI Rescue Diver
  • obtain a satisfactory RSTC medical stating that they are fit to dive.  This medical must remain valid for the duration of the course of study.
  • be 18 years of age.
  • Provide evidence of 40 logged dives.


As a certified PADI Divemaster, you will have direct access to the PADI Pros Site job board – this will provide you with job listings from PADI resorts and training facilities worldwide! 


Students are required to have the following essential ‘tools of trade’ within 4 weeks of course commencement:

  • Wetsuit, Weightbelt, Lead, Boots & Gear Bag
  • Mask, Snorkel & Fins
  • Line Cutting Tool & Torch

Dive Zone Tauranga provides an exclusive offer for our tertiary students to make high quality equipment available at an exception price. 

We also recognise that hardware (BCDs, regulators & cylinders) purchases can strain the budget.  In a concerted effort to strongly discourage purchase of cheap equipment or second-hand items which ultimately fail, we offer our students the use of these items at NO charge while they are training.  Purchase of your own hardware is highly recommended at this level of training, so be sure to talk to us about your options. 


To apply for enrolment on this programme, download the RSTC medical statementenrolment form & course disclosure material as Word documents, or contact us to request them by post or email.  Once completed, please forward these to us together with a copy of your passport or birth certificate to support your residency status in NZ.

If you have any queries at any stage throughout this process, please contact us, or give us a call.