Dive Zone - Bay Of Islands

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FEB 01 2017
FEB 28 2018

Purerua Peninsula Sites


Little Rock

An awesome little pinnacle with big boulders, kelp gardens and lots of cracks a crevices to explore. Depth range of 5m-21m this is a great dive for all levels.

The Seven Sisters

With seven towering rock pillars creating swim through gully’s this is quite a unique dive site. Depth range 3m-14m it slopes down over a boundary kelpy reef to sand at 14m. this is a great site to explore both underwater and above water. Expect to see lots of cray fish, leather jackets, wrasse and kina  

Pattersons Ramp

One of our Openwater training sites this is a nice easy dive with depth range of 6m-12m. this this a rocky kelpy reef running round the coast line. This fish here are the friendliest you will find. A great spot to refresh your dive skills or to get a taste of diving

Number 22 with Mermaids cave

This Dive site has it all and is a favourite with the team. With depths ranging from 5m-22m it has open sandy spots then heading out deeper it becomes rocky with large boulders and swim through’s, heading out further will bring you to the valleys. Then off to the west there is mermaids cave, a huge sea cavern running all the way through a small peninsular, it leads to a shallow lagoon at the back. This site is for all levels and has a wide range of life.