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MAR 01 2018
JUN 30 2018

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Putahataha Island

Pronounced "Puu- taha taha" is in Deep Water Cove inside the Bay of Islands. Deep Water Cove is also home to the wreck of the former Navy Frigate Canterbury. 
Putahataha Island is another great second dive or "easy" dive.

Most of the life is around the 6-16 meter mark but it does drop away to 28 meters. Deep Water Cove and Putahataha are a "NO Take" zone for fishing and the local fish life is "very friendly". 
On the south west side of the Island there is a cave that starts at about 12 meters and is around 18m on the bottom. Divers can swim about 15 meters into the cave (it's large enough to fit up to 8 divers) and it if full of small fish with big eyes called "Big Eye" fish! (Yeah real original!!) 
When divers reach the back of the cave and look back towards the entrance the school of Big Eyes stand out against the entrance to the cave and make a fantastic photo!

Nukutaunga South is obviously on the "South" side! Another great "easy" dive with lots of life. During September to December seals can often be spotted too. There seems to be something about the location that also attracts Eagle Rays and "families" of small rays have been spotted practicing their take offs and landings. Perhaps "the nursery" would be a better name!

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