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Diving with Family

Posted by Kelly

Spring is trying it's best to usher in warmer weather. School students are nearing the end of year exam countdown.

Many families will be looking forward to summer holidays. How about going diving together this summer?

There are some families who dive together but there are a surprising number of divers whose diving activities don't include other family members.

Undoubtedly part of it is that quite a few kiwi blokes want to hang out with their mates or don't have the patience to wait for their less experienced family members to "catch up".

To those guys I say -wait up! Do whatever it takes to get your kids to dive with you- there's nothing as special as diving with family. Turning around underwater and seeing one or two of your children following is an incredible feeling.


My father taught me to dive. I always thought I was the lucky one because he took me along but as a parent now I realise how awesome it must have been for him!

I have taught both of my girls to dive. They're not as keen to dive as I was. Their dad owns a dive shop so I think that they see it as something they can do anytime. We surf a lot together and always enjoy the dives we do together. They are my favorite dive buddies!!

Take advantage of the warm summer conditions coming up and get your kids certified - you wont regret it!! If you dive but your parents don't then tell them to try. I know several people who learnt to dive in their 60's so they could dive with their children. The oldest person I saw learn to dive was 70 and she's still diving at 82!!

Get out there and dive as a family this summer! If your not diving then surfing, fishing, camping - hopefully something outside. Whatever it is do it together.






Blake is back!

Posted by Kahlia

Blake Dodson – Our very experienced Service Technician


Blake is a very funny and knowledgeable bloke who started in the dive industry WAY BACK in 1985!


Born in Wellington, he completed high school in Auckland and did  various jobs such as driving trucks, making wetsuits , building and more…

He has worked in Chicago for Dacor, holds his PADI Dive master, is a hardworking service technician, and was responsible for training shop technicians in NZ, Australia and Pacific Islands.

As well as all of the above he has also worked as a warehouse manager, production manager for wetsuits and now he has come back landed at Dive Zone Bay of Islands as an all-round handy man.

Everyone at Dive Zone just adores working alongside Blake, after all he does have a "unique" personality. He is a great addition to our shop and awesome with customers.


Blake enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, driving his boat, fishing and spending quality time with his wife and daughter. He also just got his skippers license! Woohoo!!!



"We're gonna need a bigger boat"

Posted by Daryl

Soooo..... after all these years of working on dive boats and being the instructor or crew, I FINALLY got my skippers ticket!! Whoop Whoop.


It is a very nervous feeling taking the boat out for the first time, knowing that I am the one in charge of the boat and all its passengers. I’m the one in control of where we dive, where to anchor, watching the sea conditions, the list goes on.

With these nerves and apprehension, there is also a mass of freedom and joy. Taking people diving is what I love to do and now getting to be the skipper  I don’t have to wait for other people to take me out on the water.

I know that to become a good skipper it takes time and I need to gain experience in reading the waves and handling the boat in testing conditions. I am, at the moment, happy in the knowledge that on a flat calm day I can manage to take people out ha ha

Thanks to the guys on our tertiary course who were my first passengers on my maiden voyage to the Black Rocks, at being the skipper.







So when my dive instructing days are coming to an end, I will still be taking people diving and be watching their bubbles 




Girl from the Far North

Posted by Kahlia

"Girl from the Far North"

I’ve always wondered where life would take me. What is my pathway? What career will I pursue? I knew for a  

fact I loved the water so one day I went on Google and typed “jobs to do with the ocean”.

Then BAM, diving instructor jumped out at me!


Being apart of the Academy of Diving 2016 with Dive Zone Bay of Islands, changed my life completely. I found a passion that I never knew existed as well as making many friendships and memories that I will cherish forever.

Going all the way from Open Water diver to PADI Instructor within a year helped me to not only become a better diver, but also grow into the person I am today.


 Now I am currently working at the place I studied with, what more could I ask for? My own tutors/instructors becoming colleagues (I still ask them for help 24/7!)

II have so much gratitude for the staff here at Dive Zone BOI. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.


Next step for me, well hopefully to travel around the world as an instructor.

DIVE THE WORLD is at the top of my bucket list. But for now, I am happy doing what I love here in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

I certainly look forward to what the world has to offer me in the future.




The Travelling Instructor

Posted by Laura

The best part about being a PADI dive Instructor, is that it'll take you all over the world!


A classmate of mine, Tristan has just recently got back from 3 months spent working in a Malaysian dive centre as one of the Instructors. He got the chance to experience diving in a vastly different environment to what we have here in New Zealand. Crystal clear water up to 30 degrees Celsius, where all you need is a pair of swimming togs as opposed to a 7ml wetsuit. He also got the chance to work with a different culture, learn all about Malaysian society and adapt himself accordingly. The biggest thing Tristan learnt while away, was a small understanding of another language. The majority of customers at his centre were Chinese, therefore Tristan learnt some very basic Chinese in order to communicate effectively with the clients.



All this experience in Malaysia contributed greatly to Tristan scoring himself a new job In Indonesia. How far will he go? How much will he learn?


Being a PADI Instructor will never limit you to one place, the world is made for exploring, so why not explore the world beneath the surface as well?